Oracle Support

Oracle Support

Oracle Support Services through dbSolution

We are at your service when you need us. Our experienced Oracle Support Service Team is happy to support you and your database administrators quickly and easily with all questions and problems concerning your database.

By phone, e-mail or remote access – our Oracle Support Service helps with individual solutions.

If required, we take over the monitoring of your database servers via Site to Site VPN. So we are immediately notified of any problems in the database and can react even faster.

We take care of your issues and attach great importance that your systems continues to run without interruption during our support.

Save time and rely on our fast and effective Oracle support service.
We offer tailor-made solutions for customers with and without own database administration:

Take advantage of our support service while you continue to maintain your systems yourself. As your support background we offer quick help in case of emergency or act as a substitute for your database administrator.
As part of our Support Plus Operational Service, we take care of the smooth operation and maintenance of your database systems. Ideal for all customers without own database administrator.

Our support service modules

We are at your service. Decide how you need us. With our Oracle support service modules you can combine our services individually. Choose our modules as it fits for you and your company. We would be happy to advise you to find the right Oracle support solution for you.
Oracle Support Services

Oracle Support Time Window Module

With our time window module you can choose when you need us. Simply combine the time with the days.
We offer the following time window modules:

  • 8.00 o’clock – 18.00 o’clock
  • 8.00 o’clock until 24.00 o’clock
  • Monday to Friday
  • Daily – incl. weekend and holidays
  • 24/7 support

Support Response Time Module

With the response time module you choose the maximum time period within we respond to your support request:

  • Within 1 hour
  • Within 2 hours
  • Within 4 hours

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