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Consulting Services

Our consultants with practical experience are happy to support you in the following areas:


As part of Health checks, we will test your system inside and out. This includes for example performance measurements, as well as checkups on backup and recovery strategies.

Upgrade or migration

Upgrade operations or migrations are usually not uncritical and can lead to considerable availability problems if they are not performed professionally.

We determine how an upgrade or migration could be carried out in your system and then implement it accordingly, of course always under the aspect of the highest possible availability.

Installation and configuration of the Oracle software

We support you from the beginning, for example by installing Oracle Software for you.
Installation also includes configuration of the Operating System to ensure a rational directory structure. Neat directory structures simplify later administration, not only with Oracle Software, but potentially with additional database systems.

If interested, we are happy to advice you on hardware that will meet your requirements prior to the installation. This is time efficient and protects your investment.

Backup and Recovery

Are you sure that your backups are useable in case of an error? (Emergency??). If not, we are able to help you verify your backups. We will check your backup strategy/implementation and run test recoveries.

These test recoveries also help to run through different error scenarios.
If you don’t have an automated backup process yet, we are happy to help you implement one.

Real Application Cluster

Reliability and load distribution are commonly used terms in relation to Real Application Cluster (RAC).

More and more customers take advantage of these powerful, but also more complex solution by Oracle.

The implementation of such a RAC is not easy, since many parts like the Operating system, clusterware, SAN and Network have to interact properly.

Use our experience in implementing a rac environment.

Oracle Data Guard

Oracle Data Guard means nothing else than a standby database which your application can use in case of an error.

This can be done manually or automated with help of a so called observer. Our experienced consultants are happy to help you with the implementation.

Performance Tuning

Performance problems are often difficult to find.

For many customers, the database system is the reason for performance problems. But is it really the database system? If yes, how can this problem be solved?

We will help you with analyzing and solving the problem!

Oracle Security Mechanismen

Oracle Security Mechanismen

Which loopholes are there in your database system or how can data in your database be encrypted.

How can I make only certain data available for certain database users?
Can a backup be encrypted?

We help you to answer these questions, i.e. we introduce you to the various Oracle security mechanisms and help you to implement them.

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